For the Polaroid transfers I’ve use slides of my drawings  and paintings as well as slides of places I’ve been and things I’ve seen. Sometimes I’ll make a transfer directly from the subject using my 4 X 5 camera.

The image is made by exposing a photographic slide to peel apart Polaroid film. Or using the Polaroid back on my 4 X 5. After exposing the film, the negative, the part you usually throw away, is placed  image side down on a dampened print making paper, I use Arches Cover. Pressure is applied and after a few minutes the negative is gently lifted. The image has transferred onto the paper. It is allowed to dry and then hand colored using pastels, colored pencils and/or photographic dyes.

Even though the same slide may be used a number of times, the end result is always different, making each transfer a unique work of Art.

Unforunately Polaroid stopped producing peel apart film so I am no longer able to make  Polaroid transfers.