My  images are from a body of work that has basically consumed me for the  last 28 years. It was an innocent act on my part, buying a few rubber ducks for my grandson to play with when he was taking a bath at Nana’s house. I was amazed how different they all were. Sometimes it was a very subtle difference, but a difference none the less. It brought to mind that absurd prejudicial remark” All those (fill in any ethnic group) they all look alike to me.” I decided to us the ducks in my art and share this enlightenment with others. After all art should make you think.

I started to photograph the ducks, first as allegorical pictures in the post modernism tradition. My interest grew as members of my family began suggesting word play ideas. Humorous word play is a good vehicle to draw the viewer in and then they must consider the more profound. After all “Not All Rubber Ducks Look Alike.”

I use several different techniques in this body of work. The piece entitled “Pressed Ducks” is made up of 150 unique rubber ducks which I have melted and pressed flat. Then they are sandwiched between two pieces of Plexiglas which are held together with wing nuts and bolts.  “Sitting Ducks” consists of 125 unique ducks sitting on chairs I designed and built,   or sewed for each individual duck.


The  are also  etchings produced using Photopolymer graver. The “Paradox” series are etchings of pairs of similar ducks . I produce the etching using Photo polymer plates. It is part of the green initiative for artists to use less toxic, earth friendly mediums. I make a positive transparency of my images with the computer. Then place the transparency on a steel plate coated with a UV sensitive emulsion that has been exposed to a dot screen. After exposing the plate again, it is rinsed in water. You now have an etched plate capable of producing an intaglio print. I love the rich blacks as well as the tonal range you can achieve with this method of print making. I can introduce color either by using Chine collé or à La poupée during the printing process. Or by hand coloring after the print has dried.


To me Art is a dialogue between artist and viewer.   I try to produce  work that is visually exciting. And in all my work I strive to nourish the soul as well as the eye.