I’ve used a lighter approach in this series of photographs, prints, polaroid transfers, and 3-D works, yet I’m asking the viewer to think about a deeper question. Aren’t the subjects, rubber ducks looking and acting differently, a metaphor for humankind?
When I began to collect the ducks , I was amazed how different they all were. Sometimes it was a very subtle difference, but a difference none the less. It reminded me of that prejudicial remark, “Oh those (insert any ethnic group), they all look alike to me.” I decided to use the ducks in my Art and share this enlightenment with others.

I started to photograph the ducks, first as allegorical pictures in the post modernism tradition. My interest grew as members of my family began suggesting word play ideas. Humorous word play is a good vehicle to draw the viewer in and then they must consider the more profound. After all “Not All Rubber Ducks Look Alike.”